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Your Life.


Remember that one head massage that lasted as long as you wanted it to?

Us either, because it never existed.  

The Vi-Band let's you have a head massage whenever you want, for as long you want. No more will you have to convince your hubby or honey (or strangers) for hours on end to give you a head massage that only lasts 27 seconds (we've done the research). And let's be honest, if their heart isn't into it - it's not gunna end well. That's why we designed the Vi-Band's heart to always be in it. Because we care.  

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Cool Video.

We know...we know. The Vi-Band looks a little different in the video than it does on our site. Our bad - that's on us. We shot the video then decided to change the look around. But to our credit - it does look more better-er.

Hands Free.
Limit Free.

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"The single greatest accomplishment ever."

— Everyone Ever*